Farmer Account

Farm/Vendor AC Country Store (Crist & Arlene Schmidt)

Phone Phone: 765-766-6138
Address 7550 E County Road 700 N Mooreland, IN, 47360
General Info
Colby Cheese $6.98 Classic Colby Cheese
Colby Jack Cheese $6.98 Delicious Marbled Cheese
Colby Swiss Cheese $6.98
Farmer's Cheese $6.98 Mild and Creamy
Habanero Cheese $6.98 Kick Up the Heat
Horseradish Cheese $6.98 Cheese with Bite
Lacy Baby Swiss $6.98 Full Swiss Cheese Flavor
Onion Cheese $6.98 Cheese with Onion Flavor
Smoked Cheddar Cheese $6.98 Smokey Flavor
Spicy Pepper Jack $6.98 Great Pepper Jack Flavor
Basil $3.98
Cilantro $3.98
Dill $3.98
Parsley $3.98
Rosemary $3.98
Sage $3.98
Greek Oregano $3.98
Egg Noodles, Fine $6.00 Petite Amish Egg Noodles
Egg Noodles, Medium $6.00 Great for Chicken Noodles