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Farm/Vendor Sawyer Farm

Address 19 Sawyer Road Worthington, MA, 01098
General Info Sawyer Farm is an organic, horse-powered family farm in Worthington, MA, run by Lincoln Fishman and Hilary Costa. We've been growing vegetables and raising animals to feed ourselves and our community since 2010.
Beans, Green $5.00 there is nothing like a fresh green bean
Cabbage, Caraflex $3.00 pointing you in the right direction
Cabbage, Napa $3.00 this is Napa drill (get it?)
Cucumber, Slicing $4.50 cool as a cuke
Garlic $1.75 you know it, you love it
Garlic Scapes $3.00 the great eSCAPE
Chard, Rainbow $5.00 it's not hard to love chard
Kale, Red Russian $3.00 i'm Rushin to eat this
Scallions $4.00 rapscallions, that is
Parsley, Curly $3.00 parsley: never parsimonious
Eggs, Chicken $5.50 Which came first?
Cornmeal $7.50 make a meal out of it
Tortilla Kit $8.00 make your own tortillas!!
Beets, Red $6.25 unbeetable
Carrots, Orange $6.25 orange you glad?
Kale, Green Curly $3.00 curly, larry, and moe
Potatoes $5.50 new potatoes!!!
Tomatoes, Cherry $4.00 be cheered by a cherry
Cabbage, Green $6.56 a classic returns
Leeks $5.00 allium behavior
Onions, Red $5.63 reddy for anything
Onions, White Sweet $5.63 ailsa's back in town
Onions, Yellow $5.63 i'm yell(ow)ing about these