Farmer Account

Farm/Vendor Abie Vegetable People

Address 2260 Rd 41 Abie, NE, 68001
General Info Located in Abie NE, we are dedicated to providing fresh, local, sustainable food to the community. The 30-acre farm in Abie consists of several acres of certified organic corn and soybeans and many acres of vegetables. The vegetable side of their farm has not undergone the extensive process of certification as organic.
KALE, Green Curly Kale -$1.00
BASIL, bulk -$1.00
MUSHROOM, Blue Oyster -$1.00
MUSHROOM, King Oyster -$1.00
MUSHROOM, Mixed Variety -$1.00
MUSHROOMS, Yellow Oyster -$1.00 MUSHROOMS, Yellow Oyster
TOMATOES, Striped Grape Cherry -$1.00
Okra -$1.00
TOMATOES, Red Slicer -$1.00
MUSHROOMS, Lion's Mane, Fresh -$1.00
ONIONS, Red -$1.00
ONIONS, White -$1.00
ONIONS, Candy -$1.00
ONIONS, Yellow -$1.00
TOMATOES, Pink Cherry -$1.00