Farmer Account

Farm/Vendor 78 Acres

Phone Phone: 240-310-3619
Address 23340 Fruit Tree Dr. Smithsburg, MD, 21783
General Info 78 Acres is a fifth generation fruit and vegetable farm in Smithsburg, MD. Owned and operated by Matt + Mary Harsh, and focused on sustainable farming methods such as no-till winter squash, and also focus on high quality products - everything from peaches to tomatoes to onions - all year long.
Blueberries -$1.00
Nectarines -$1.00 Bright, juicy, sweet-tart stone fruit!
Fruit Flight -$1.00 4 types of local fruit!
Peaches, Donut -$1.00
Peaches, Yellow -$1.00
Corn, Sweet -$1.00
Cucumber, Slicing -$1.00
Garlic, Scapes -$1.00
Squash, Summer Medley -$1.00
Summer Squash, Patty Pan -$1.00
Summer Squash, Yellow Zucchini -$1.00
Summer Squash, Zephyr -$1.00
Apples, Seconds -$1.00
Peaches, Seconds -$1.00
Peaches, White Seconds -$1.00
Peaches, Yellow Seconds -$1.00
Summer Squash, Green Zucchini -$1.00
Onions, Cippolini -$1.00
Apples, Honeycrisp -$1.00
Grapes, Green Seedless -$1.00 Fresh seedless green grapes
Nectarines, Seconds -$1.00 Ready to bake, can or preserve!
Peaches, White -$1.00
Onions, Red -$1.00
Squash, Yellow crookneck -$1.00
Grapes, Red Seedless -$1.00 Incredible flavor
Cantaloupe, Sarah's Choice -$1.00 Exceptional Sweetness with honey and floral notes
Cantaloupe, Sarah's Choice -$1.00 Exceptional Sweetness with honey and floral notes
Eggplant, Purple -$1.00
Tomatoes, Heirloom Cherry Mix -$1.00
Tomatoes, Mixed Heirloom -$1.00
Pears, Potomac -$1.00 European type pear with cosmetic damage
Onions, White -$1.00
Tomatoes, Red Slicing -$1.00 Juicy red slicing tomatoes.
Apples, Blondee -$1.00 Yellow crispy apple that is sweet and tart!
Grapes, Purple Seedless -$1.00
Grapes, Red Seedless, Seconds -$1.00
Plums, Stanley Prune -$1.00 Tender fruit with high sugar content
Squash, Delicata -$1.00
Apples, Gala -$1.00
Apples, Sansa -$1.00
Grapes, Mixed, Seconds -$1.00
Onions, Yellow -$1.00
Broccoli, Green -$1.00