Farmer Account

Farm/Vendor Raging Crow Distillery

Address North River, NS
General Info Raging Crow Distillery Inc. is a small batch, hand crafted, artisanal distillery at 592 Hwy 311 in North River, Nova Scotia, Canada, that produces national award-winning spirits.
Gin, Caw*Caw*Phany Gin $26.40 Our traditional Gin
Gin, Haskap $26.40 Gin meets haskaps
Gin, Spruce Tip $26.40 The Gin for people who don't like gin
Liqueur, Blueberry $22.00 Blueberry Heaven
Liqueur, Cajun Chocolate $16.50 Dessert will never be the same
Liqueur, El Cuervo Furioso Coffee Liqueur $22.00 Amazing Coffee Liqueur
Liqueur, Ginger $22.00 Gingery Goodness
Liqueur, Honey $22.00 Sweet Bliss
Liqueur, Rhubarb $22.00 Spring is in the air and in your glass
Rum Rhaging Rhum $22.00 Our unaged white rum
Rum, Black Crow Dark Rum $22.00 Deliciously dark rum
Vodka, Dill Pickle $22.00 Perfect for Caesars
Vodka, Maple $22.00 Dangerously good
Vodka, Nazdrowka $26.40 Nova Scotia's only potato vodka and a bronze medal winner
Vodka, Raven Lunatic Spicy $22.00 For Those Who Like it Hot