Farmer Account

Farm/Vendor Acorn Bakery

Phone Phone: 425-789-8248
Address 5417 Crawford Rd Langley, WA, 98260
General Info Acorn Bakery is woman-owned business ran by farmer-turned-baker Camille. Acorn draws inspiration from local flavors to create classically elegant pastry, dessert, and bread, and in doing so strives to inspire consumers to be creative in how they use seasonally available fruit and vegetables in their own home cooking.
Bread, Sandwich Bread White $12.50 EVOO sandwich bread
Bread, Sourdough Baguettes $6.25 Sourdough baguettes take several days to make and as such have a longer shelf life.
Bread, Sourdough Focaccia $15.00 Massive slab of 100% sourdough focaccia with fresh rosemary and sea salt
Bread, Sourdough Milk Bread $12.50 Closer to a brioche than a typical sourdough loaf, rich and delicious
Bread, Sourdough Rosemary Sandwich $12.50 Sourdough sandwich bread with fresh rosemary
Cardamom Knot $6.25 Cardamom pasty knots: not overwhelmingly sweet, with cardamom in the dough, glaze, and filling.
Ginger Molasses (GF and vegan) $5.00 Gluten free, and vegan cookie
Sacristains $6.25 Sourdough croissant dough rolled in raw organic sugar and baked
Sourdough Crackers $6.25 Made with excess sourdough started and topped with fresh rosemary and celtic sea salt
Twice baked pistachio cardamom croissant $8.75 If baklava and a croissant made a baby.
Chocolate Bomb Cookies $5.00 If dark chocolate fudge and a brownie could make a cookie baby, this would be it.
Salted peanut butter and milk chocolate cookie $5.00
Sesame Brittle Cookie $5.00 Sourdough cookie with tahini and chunks of sesame brittle
Bread, Hokkaido Rolls $10.00 Closer to a brioche than typical sourdough: rich and delicious
Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.00 Massive chocolate chip cookie with browned butter, semi sweet chips, and bittersweet chunks
Bread, Sourdough Honey Wheat $12.50 Organic honey, and organic Washington hard red wheat.
Bread, Sourdough Toasted Sesame $12.50 Toasted sesame seeds in the dough and on top of the loaf adds deep warmth and tastiness
Matcha White Chocolate Brownie $5.00 Extra fudgy matcha flavored brownie made with browned butter and white chocolate
3 Root Sandwich Bread $15.00 Made with Washington grown wheats and Whidbey grown vegetables, this is a hearty ode to fall
Honey bun $6.25 Made with sourdough croissants dough scrap and WA grown honey