Farmer Account

Farm/Vendor Harlequin Produce

Phone Phone: 406-459-7217
Address 72664 Heart View Ln 3, MT, 59821
General Info Kaly Hess and Brian Wirak , Montana natives, have been farming in Western Montana since 2009. We are a new generation of farmers, who don't own land but have had the opportunity to lease established farms. This has allowed us to focus on our farming techniques without having to worry about acquiring land and equipment. We currently farm around 15 acres in vegetables, with two high tunnels and another 10 acres in cover crops. Starting in 2010 we began leasing Common Ground Farm in Arlee. Common Ground is certified organic. We both studied Agrocecology at Montana State University, which provided us with a strong background in agricultural science which aids tremendously in understand the dynamics between plants and soil. We focus on growing high value and high yielding crops in a manner that incorporates ecological principles , through the use of living mulches, and conservation tillage. We also sell at the Clark Fork Farmers' Market and run Community Supported Agriculture program. For more information go to
Cilantro Bunch COG -$1.00
Beets Bunch Chioggia COG -$1.00
Beets Bunch Gold COG -$1.00
Beets Bunch Red COG -$1.00
Chard Rainbow COG -$1.00
Kale Green COG -$1.00
Kale Lacinato COG -$1.00
Kale Red COG -$1.00
Cauliflower COG -$1.00
Lettuce Salad Mix COG -$1.00
Beets Bulk Mixed COG -$1.00
Beets Bulk Red COG -$1.00
Cabbage Green COG -$1.00 Cabbage Green COG - NG
Cabbage Red COG -$1.00
Carrots Bulk COG -$1.00
Cucumber English COG -$1.00
Pepper Anaheim COG -$1.00
Pepper Hatch COG -$1.00
Pepper Jalapeno COG -$1.00
Pepper New Mexico Green Chili COG -$1.00
Pepper Poblano COG -$1.00
Pepper Shishito COG -$1.00
Tomato Cherry Mixed Bulk COG -$1.00
Tomato Green COG -$1.00
Tomato Large COG -$1.00
Tomato Medium COG -$1.00
Melons Musk COG -$1.00
Watermelon Red COG -$1.00
Corn Sweet COG -$1.00
Cauliflower Gold COG -$1.00
Cauliflower Purple COG -$1.00
Onion bnch Red Pearl -$1.00
Pepper Bell Green COG -$1.00
Tomato Roma COG -$1.00
Pepper Anaheim 5 lb - Retail -$1.00
Pepper Bell Red COG -$1.00
Pepper Fresno 5 lb retail -$1.00
Pepper Fresno COG -$1.00 5lb
Pepper Jalapeno 5 lb for Retail -$1.00
Pepper Poblano 5 lb retail -$1.00
Tomato Roma - 20lb Retail -$1.00
Pepper Cherry Bomb COG -$1.00
Broccoli COG -$1.00
Pepper Bell Orange COG -$1.00
Tomato Plum COG -$1.00
Carrots Bulk #2 COG -$1.00
Pumpkin for Pie COG -$1.00
Winter Squash Mixed COG Bin -$1.00
Winter Squash Spaghetti COG -$1.00
Cabbage Red Deli COG -$1.00
Carrots BAGGED 5# COG -$1.00
Pepper Serrano COG -$1.00
Pepper Mixed Bell COG -$1.00
Potato German Butterball COG -$1.00
Beets Bulk Chioggia COG -$1.00
Beets Bulk Chioggia Deli COG -$1.00
Beets Bulk Gold COG -$1.00
Beets Bulk Red Deli COG -$1.00
Eggplant COG -$1.00
Onions Sweet COG -$1.00
Pepper Serrano Red COG -$1.00
Cabbage Green Deli COG -$1.00
Pepper Habanero Green COG -$1.00
Onions Yellow COG -$1.00
Shallots COG -$1.00
Pepper Jalapeno Red COG -$1.00