Farmer Account

Farm/Vendor ABC Gardens

Phone Phone: 406-861-9169
Address 4717 Jericho Road Billings, MT, 59106
General Info ABC Gardens is a small fruit and vegetable production operation on the west end of Billings, MT. We are committed to providing produce that is grown locally without agricultural chemicals. We are strong advocates of local gardening, and are committed to supporting others in this pursuit. In addition to our garden, we keep bees and raise chickens for eggs.
Greens, Kale - Green Curly $4.11
Greens, Kale - Mix $4.11
Greens, Kale - Red Curly $4.11
Dill, Pickling $3.25
Honey, Raw $12.35
Cucumber, Muncher $4.80
Cucumber, Mix $4.11
Cucumber, Slicing $4.11
Zucchini, Mix $4.11
Garlic $3.08
Garlic, Chesnok Red $3.43
Garlic, Georgian Fire $3.43
Garlic, German Porcelain $3.43
Garlic, Majestic $3.43
Garlic, Metechi $3.43
Garlic, Music $3.43
Garlic, Northern White $3.43
Garlic, Romanian Red $3.43
Garlic, Zemo $3.43
Shallots, French Red $8.22
Beans, Purple Podded Pole $5.48
Beans, Romano Mix $5.48
Beans, Mixed Snap $5.48
Kohlrabi $8.22
Greens, Chard - Rainbow $4.45
Carrots $5.48
Beet, Mixed $5.48
Beet Greens $5.48
Winter Squash, Galeux d'Eysines (French Heirloom) $30.83
Carrots, Bits & Pieces $5.48