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Farm/Vendor Distillery Lane Ciderworks

Phone Phone: 301-834-8920
Address 5533 Gapland Road Jefferson, MD, 21755
General Info Our first 1000 trees were planted in 2001 and started producing fruit in 2005. Today, we have over 3,000 semi-dwarf trees in our nine-acre orchard and over forty-five apple varieties!
Apples, Snow Sweet -$1.00 Sweet, crispy apple with slight tart balance
Vinegar, Apple Cider -$1.00 Made with 100% local apples.
Vinegar, Apple Cider & Aronia Berry -$1.00 Made with local apples and aronia berries.
Apples, Pixie Crunch -$1.00
Apples, Ashmead's Kernel -$1.00 russetted, sweet & sharp apple for fresh use & cooking
Apples, Bramley's Seedling -$1.00 Tart apple used for cooking!
Vinegar, Apple Cider - 1/2 Gallon -$1.00 Made with local apples
Apples, Arkansas Black -$1.00