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Farm/Vendor 3rd Bird Kombucha

Address Denver, CO
General Info There’s something kind of magical about 3rd Bird Kombucha. Although our story started as a way for a mom using her science background to help lessen her son’s GI and sensory processing issues stemming from autism, 3rd Bird quickly became about more than just physical wellbeing. It’s about connection and dedication- to one's self and the community you choose to call your own. There’s a fearlessness to flying and one we want you to experience yourself, so trust your gut and take the leap. This flock flies together, so welcome. Since I’m a scientist and mom, I have used my science background (before being the Doer & Brewer of 3rd Bird, I was a middle school science teacher), I set out to find flavors that are both delicious and contribute additional health benefits that taste yummy for picky tummies. I look to combine ingredients that play off of each other’s strengths to build a flavor profile that is diverse and functional.
Kombucha, Blackberry Sage $4.99 In our opinion, blackberries are the perfect fruit- not too tart and not too sweet
Kombucha, Pineapple Hops $4.99
Kombucha, Strawberry Basil $4.99 Basil's my secret weapon...
Kombucha, Hibiscus Blood Orange $4.99 Antioxidant-packed!
Kombucha, Hibiscus Lime Mint $4.99 Our Hibiscus Lime Mint Kombucha is truly a triple threat of goodness!
Kombucha, Raspberry Elderflower $4.99 Revitalizing!
Kombucha, Pear Lavender $4.99 Relax with this tasty blend of flavors!