Farmer Account

Farm/Vendor 12 Birches Farm

Phone Phone: 360-929-0219
Address 3340 Craw Road Langley, WA, 98260
General Info We are a certified organic farm, growing vegetables, herbs, a few flowers, and fruit. We used to be Molly’s Island Garden! Molly and John keep trying to retire, though, so Anna (their daughter) is continuing the tradition of organic farming for local customers. We have a CSA subscription program and we sell at the Bayview Market on Saturdays, May-October. Check our website for recipes and keep in touch through Facebook.
Vanity Address
Shungiku $2.00 Edible chrysanthemum greens
Kale, Winterbor $4.00 Curly green variety
Kale, Lacinato $4.00 Very tender with great health benefits
Kale, Red Curly $4.00 My fav red Kale: Baltisk Rod Purpurkal
Tomatillos $5.00 Tangy and sweet
Cucumber, Slicing $1.50 Smooth and tender-skinned
Winter Squash, Pie Pumpkin $9.00 Perfect for pumpkin pies, muffins, and soups!
Winter Squash, Red Kuri $3.00 Makes a wonderful base for curried squash soup
Winter Squash, Spaghetti $9.00 Gluten free? Use this sweet squash instead of pasta
Potatoes, Purple $5.00 Magic Molly-- Purple inside and out!
Potatoes, Red $5.00 Fluffy white interior!
Collard greens $4.00 Great for salads and slaws
Kale, Red Russian $4.00 Very sweet and full of nutrients
Tomatoes, Green $3.00 Perfect for fried green tomatoes!
Winter Squash, Butternut $6.00 Excellent in soups
Winter Squash, Delicata $6.00 The first of the winter squashes!
French Fingerling Potatoes $5.00 Red fingerling potatoes with a yellow and pink interior
Lovage $2.00 Strong celery flavor
Parsley, Curly $2.11
Rosemary, Fresh $2.00 Fragrant culinary condiment
Sunshine Winter Squash $9.00 Bright orange kabocha squash with sweet golden flesh
Green Sweet Peppers $6.00 Green Mini Bell Peppers
Jalapeño $5.00 Perfect for pickling!
Bay leaf, fresh $2.00 Great in cooking fresh or dried
Habanero Habanada $5.00 Mild habanero
Habanero Numex Suave $5.00 Mild habanero