Farmer Account

Farm/Vendor Oliver's Path

Phone Phone: 814-201-0323
Address Warrior's Mark, PA, 16651
General Info We are a family-owned and operated farm located in Warriors Mark, PA. We take pride in providing central Pennsylvania with fresh, organically grown produce.
Red kale $3.75 Red kale
Kale, Curly $3.75 Perfect for your massaged kale salad!
Squash, Patty Pan $1.65 Green patty pan summer squash
Cucumber, Snacking $3.35 Small snacking cucumber
Cucumbers, Pickling $3.50 pickling cucumbers
Onion, Candy $4.50 Sweet and mild!
Cucumbers, Slicer $2.00 Slicer, Cucumber
Bitter melon $2.35
Hatch, Chile Peppers $3.55 Crisp, spicy, traditionally roasted
Peppers, Hungarian Hot Wax $3.30 Perfect for pickled peppers!
Peppers, Jalapeno $3.55 Perfect for stuffing or salsa spice!
Peppers, Shishito $5.50 Market favorite!
Tomatillos $5.30 Perfect for Salsa Verde!
Kale Mix, baby $4.75 Green, Red and Dinosaur kale - young and tender!
Peppers, Mixed Bell $3.55 Get them now and freeze them!
Lunch box Peppers $3.30 Sweet lunch box peppers
Poblano Peppers $5.25 Poblano
Primero Red (Mild Habanero) $2.25 Habanero flavor with one third of the heat
Squash, Zephyr $1.75 Market favorite!!
Caprese Ravioli $12.50 Seasonal Collaboration!
Broccoli $3.75 Broccoli
Snow peas $7.00 Perfect for stir-fries!
Honeynut, Butternut $5.25 Adorable mini butternut!
Winter Squash, Acorn $2.85 Perfect for stuffing!
Baby Carrots $4.50 Sweet! Perfect for fresh eating!
Celeriac $4.00 Crunchy raw - or great in soup!
Jerusalem artichoke $8.00 Try them roasted!
Turnip, Hakurai Salad $4.25 Beautiful
Sweet Potatoes $5.20
Sweet Potato & Blue Cheese Ravioli $12.50 With caramelized onions - Yum!