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Address Mill Creek, PA, 17060
General Info We've all got some wild in us, don't we? One of our frequent questions is: "what kind of honey do you have?" As you see on our labels, our honey is foraged from wildflowers. You see, just like some of us, bees are wild creatures and like to wander towards what's most healthful and beneficial for themselves. Bees need variety in their diets, like humans. I love strawberries, but if I consumed only strawberries for months on end, my body would be lacking nutrients that I need from other foods. It's the same for bees. Based off of wild blossoms in our area, we can assume that some pollens that may be present could include, based on season, locust, basswood, local fruit blossom, dandelion, aster, wild rose, sweet clover, goldenrod, Japanese knotweed, honeysuckle, alfalfa, and so many more! Bees fly in about a 3 mile radius, so the options are vast. From spring to fall, the prominence of these blossoms come and go. You'll notice variation in color of our honey. Our backyard may have mostly dandelion, but one of our farmers may have mostly clover. Each nectar has its own color, So the honey from my yard will look a little different than the next. Usually, the blossoms that are blooming in the spring and summer give a lighter color honey than the typical fall blooms. Taste can also change for these same reasons!
Honey , Raw $8.00 Pennsylvania Wildflower Honey