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Farm/Vendor 02-Foraged & Sown

Phone Phone: 614-208-2125
Address 1264 Elmore Avenue Columbus, OH, 43224
General Info
Vanity Address
Garlic Scapes $3.30 8 per bunch
Bouquet of Herbs $4.95 Certified Organic Floral Arrangement
Chamomile, Dyer’s (dried) $6.60 Natural Dye Ingredient
Chamomile, German (dried) $6.60 Certified Organic
Chives, Onion $3.30 Certified Organic
Sage $3.30 Certified Organic
Tulsi (dried) $6.60 Certified Organic
Yarrow, White (dried) $6.60 Certified Organic Bulk Herbs
Peppermint $3.30
Pineapple Mint $3.30
Savory! versatile herb $3.30 Organic fresh herb
Spearmint $3.30 certified organic, delightfully minty!
Tomato, Cherokee Purple $4.95 Organic Seedling
Preserves Gift Set $19.80 3 signature preserves in a gift set
Preserves, Catawba, Apricot w/ Thyme $6.60 apricots with thyme - perfect for your charcuterie board
Preserves, Nobility, Grape w/ Rosemary $6.60 Concord grape with rosemary
Culinary Finishing Salt, Lemon Spicebush $9.90 lively lemon with peppery spicebush
Culinary Finishing Salt, PSR Black $9.90 parsley, sage, rosemary, black salt
Culinary Finishing Salt, Soil, Sun & Sea $9.90 your everyday seasoning - garlic, pepper, herbs
Herbal Tea, Ambrosial $15.40 loose-leaf herbal tea, grown on our farm
Herbal Tea, Arctic $15.40 Certified Organic
Herbal Tea, Sunrise $15.40 loose-leaf tea, grown on our farm
Mystic Sampler $27.50 Gift Box
Sunrise Sampler $27.50 Gift Box
Tea Gift Set: Mystic, Lullaby, Mug $44.00 Certified Organic Tea + Handmade Mug
Tea, Radiance $15.40
Tea, Traverse $15.40 loose-leaf tea, certified organic
Herbal Tea, Mystic $15.40 loose-leaf herbal tea, grown on our farm
Herb Salt Gift Box $29.70 A set of three herb salts!
Chives, Garlic $3.30 Fresh bunch
Basil, Genovese $4.95 Organic Seedling
Chives, Garlic $4.95 Organic Seedling
Chives, Onion $4.95 Organic Seedling
Cilantro Seedling $4.95 Organic Seedling
Echinacea Seedling $4.95 Organic Seedling
Lavender Seedling, Grosso $4.95 Organic Seedling
Lavender Seedling, Munstead $4.95 Organic Seedling
Mint Seedling, Peppermint $4.95 Organic Seedling
Mint Seedling, Spearmint $4.95 Organic Seedling
Mint, Chocolate $4.95 Organic Seedling
Mint, Pineapple $4.95 Organic Seedling
Rosemary Seedling, BBQ $4.95 Organic Seedling