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Farm/Vendor 05-North Country Charcuterie

Phone Phone: 614-670-5726
Address 1145 Chesapeake Ave. Columbus, OH, 43212
General Info A Chef, his brother and their mother. North Country Charcuterie is a family-owned company, handmaking cured meats and fresh sausages in Columbus, Ohio. We source humanely raised pork from nearby farms, use ingredients from Ohio makers including craft beer, cheese, wine, herbs and spices, and cure everything at our own USDA inspected facility.
Vanity Address
Charcuterie Kit: Ciao, Bambino! $34.99 Great gift idea!
Charcuterie Kit: Honey Do? $34.99 Great gift idea!
Charcuterie Kit: Hot Time with Honey $44.99 Warm up this winter!
Charcuterie Kit: Need some TP? $34.99 Great holiday gift!
Herbed Wagyu Bresaola $9.00 2022 Good Food Award Winner!
Salami, Zin $12.00 Robust flavor with notes of blackberry, garlic and black pepper.
Chorizo, Hoguera Spreadable $12.00 Sultry surprise and fiery finish.
Chorizo, Rojizo $12.00 The flavor is stronger than the heat!
Salami, Fino $12.00 Everything's better with garlic!
Salami, No. 1 $12.00 Our richest and creamiest salami.
Salami, Tripel Pigs $12.00 Our most traditional salami with an American twist.
Bacon, Coffee $13.00 No breakfast is complete without our signature bacon!
Bacon, Ends & Pieces $6.01 Loaded with flavor!
Pork, Chorizo $8.01 Perfect for Taco Tuesday!
Sausage, Andouille $9.01 Perfect for Shrimp & Grits!
Sausage, Breakfast $9.01 Pairs well with scrambled eggs, toast and a cup of coffee!
Sausage, Cumberland $9.01 Perfect for Bangers & Mash!
Sausage, Hot Italian $8.01 That's a spciy meatball!
Sausage, Northern Thai Sai Ua $8.01 Great on the grill and in stir fry!
Sausage, Sage $8.01 Perfect addition to a hearty breakfast of eggs and pancakes!
Sausage, South African Boerewors Farmer's $9.01 Distinct flavor with aromatic spices