Farmer Account

Farm/Vendor Lipari Foods

Phone Phone: 570-596-4470
Address 26661 Bunert Rd Warren, MI, 48089
General Info
Edamame $4.51 Organic! Frozen soybeans in pods
Green beans, FROZEN $3.42 Organic! Cut green beans- Inspired Organic brand
Mixed vegetables, frozen $3.68 Organic! Inspired Organic brand
Peas and Carrots, frozen $3.42 Organic! Inspired organic brand!
Fruit, blueberries Frozen $5.68 Organic! Inspired Organic brand no sugar added!
Fruit, Mango, Frozen $4.67 Organic! Did someone say smoothie?
Fruit, raspberries frozen $8.58 Organic! Frozen at height of season
Fruit, Strawberries, Frozen $4.72 Organic! Whole
Cheese, Cottage Cheese $9.98 Organic! Exp 7/27 Mix it in your eggs, or have it with fruit!
Cheese, Parmesan $4.51 Freshly grated Parmesan Cheese
Milk, Butter $6.25 Dairy Fresh brand
Sour Cream $5.07 Organic! Horizon brand expiration 8/10
Apple Cider Vinegar $7.12 Organic! Raw and unfiltered!
Juice, grape $5.67 Old Orchard Grape juice
Juice, SUJU $4.29 ORGANIC!! Choose flavor in drop down
Tea, Black Currant $2.23 Organic! Black Tea with Black Currant
Tea, Green Tea with ginkgo citrus $2.50 Organic! Harney and Sons Green tea with citrus and gingko
Wraps, Sriracha $5.41 Tumaros Brand - carb wise and 5grams of protein! Add a kick to your wrap!
Pasta, Farfalle $2.85 Organic! Bow Tie noodles made from 100% durum wheat semolina
Pasta, Linguine $2.85 Organic! Pasta at it’s finest! Made from 100% durum wheat semolina
Pasta, Rotini $3.07 Organic! 100% durum whole wheat semolina
Pasta, Tortelloni $5.48 Organic! Large Cheese filled pasta, just add the sauce
Ravioli, Butternut Squash $5.48 Organic!
Ravioli, Tomato Basil $5.48 Organic! Seasonal favorite tomato basil ravioli!
Flour, Flaxseed $4.60 Organic! Gluten Free, Golden Flaxseed meal or ground
BBQ sauce $5.59 Gluten Free, Kosher and no high fructose corn syrup
Spice, Cayenne pepper $6.12 Spice Island brand - ground
Spice, Cinnamon $7.14 Ground
Spice, Crushed Red Pepper $1.35 SpiceCo. With all the spice to liven up that flavor
Spice, Onion Powder $5.95 Spice Island brand ground onion powder
Spice, Oregano $1.41 Dried - SpiceCo - Use in Italian and other Mediterranean dishes
Spice, Salt $2.49 All Natural, from the Mediterranean -does not contain iodide
Extract, Vanilla $22.82 Organic or pure vanilla, you choose in drop down
Sauce, pizza $2.00 Simple ingredients - great flavor
Apple Chips $2.84 Crispy dried apple! Makes a great salad topper, Made from fresh whole apples and ready to snack on.
Dried Fruit, Pineapple Chunks $4.30 Sweetness you don’t have to feel guilty about
Trail Mix $3.60 Organic! Snacking with amazing flavor!
Dried Fruit, Apricots $5.34 Backroad Country Dried Apricots
Dried Fruit, Banana chips $4.94 Organic! Dried Banana chips
Dried Fruit, Cherries $5.11 Organic! dried cherries, perfect to use in baking or your homemade trailmix
Chips, Tortilla $6.20 Organic! Light and Crispy - don’t forget the salsa!
Juice, Orange $7.12 Simply's or Inspired Organic premium orange juice without all the pulp.