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Pasture Raised Chicken Legs
4pk Chicken Legs
$7.78 Little Upstate Farm
Greeting Cards, Local Canada Holly or Winterberry
Cards are blank inside. Suitable for Christmas or season greetings.
$5.01 MacNab Hill Cemetery Society
$16.99 Lewis Waite Farm Share Network
Stone Ground White Cornmeal
Hagood Mill Stone Ground White Cornmeal
$4.82 Hagood Mill Foundation
$5.95 Zilke Farm Kitchen
$-- Boundless Farmstead
Herbal Tea - Relaxing Tea
Cert. Organic handpicked, with a delicate fragrance from flowers
$9.60 Sand Creek Organics
Chocolate Mint
Great for mixed drinks!
$-- Chanticleer Acres
Blackberries - Frozen
Wild Blackberry Frozen sandwich bag 12 oz
$7.23 Crescent Moon Farms
Insulated Grocery Bag
Help keep your groceries cold!
$10.01 CAA Market